Tent spaces

Looking for the perfect spot?

Feel free to set up your tent on various locations
thru the whole campsite.

Trailers and Motorhomes

We have prepared a special spot
for trailer and motorhome travelers.

Situated right next to Reception & Bar 66,
park area with electricity has a flat ground
so you will not struggle to position your vehicle.


Located near the camp center with
easy access to everything camp has to offer.

We also have a bungalow available for you to rent.

This cozy place is suited for up to four adult people.



No matter which direction you’re coming from,

you are sure to find Camp Plana by following these directions.

Thinking of staying at Camp Plana?

Please visit reservation page
and reserve your spot in our camp.

For any further information,
feel free to contact us:

Phone: 00386 70 668 668
E-mail: [email protected]

Camp Plana

Selce 66
SI 6257 Pivka