Welcome to Camp Plana

Easily accessible embrace of nature

Positioned in the neighborhood of a number of great curiosities,
surrounded by wide spaciousness of untamed karst nature
and carefully arranged buildings in traditional style.

Camp Plana is a unique blend of
comfortable, relaxed and amusable place
where you can take a break and enjoy your free time.

Open fire


Bikers welcome

Dogs welcome

Walking paths

Electric plugs

Food & drinks

Spaces for tents

Rent a bike


Feel free to stop by

It doesn’t matter where you come from
or where you are headed.

We will try our best to make your stay
at our camp a good experience and a nice memory.

Suitable for all types of campers

– tents, trailers and motorhomes.

Camping Spots

Guests can freely choose their place for setting up their tents.

If you travel with trailer or motorhome,
we have arranged a special area
with electricity and flat floor
where you can park.

Services and facilities

Want to make a meal, bake a pizza
or wash the dishes?

No problem.

We have put a lot of effort
in making our facilities
suiting the needs of the
majority of our guests.

Camp offers all the modern amenities
a guest needs to be comfortable.

The showers everyone is talking about

Specially designed and made mostly
out of local wood and stone,
an interior that fits the surrounding nature.

Declared one of the best sanitary units in Europe.

It is a rewarding feeling for all the hard work
we are putting into making camp
clean and comfortable for our guests.

We have two sanitary units
you can access directly from outdoors.


This is a brand new camp site, with the best toilet/shower that I have seen so far. It’s actually more luxary then we have at home…



Besides offering you place for your campers and tents,
we also have a bungalow available for you to rent.

Cozy place suitable for a company of four.


No matter which direction you’re coming from,
you are sure to find Camp Plana
by following these directions.

Thinking of staying at Camp Plana?

Please visit reservation page
and reserve your spot in our camp.

For any further information,
feel free to contact us:

Phone: 00386 70 668 668
E-mail: [email protected]

Camp Plana

Selce 66
SI 6257 Pivka