In Slovenia

Photo by: Park vojaške zgodovine Pivka


One of the most mention-worthy places in Slovenia has to be the Triglav National Park. The park is the largest in the country and has a lot of beautiful sights to offer—one of them also Slovenia’s highest peak, after which the park is also named. Other places worth visiting are also the Pannonian Plain, the Kočevje forests and Pohorje.


A few of the most wonderful Slovenia’s cities are most definitely the seaside towns that are known for their beautiful beaches and rich histories. One town especially stands out—Piran. Not only does it offer organised boat rides to tourists (although the other towns do that, too) but it also has an aquarium that has been there for over 50 years.

Photo by: D. Wedam


Derived from the Slovenian word “ljubljena” meaning “loved” the capital city of Slovenia is definitely one of the must-sees of our country. Its main appeal is undoubtedly the old city centre, which offers a number of activities—from the tour of the Ljubljana castle to eating or having a drink in one of the restaurants or bars next to the Ljubljanica river.