Photo by: Park vojaške zgodovine Pivka


One of the most mention-worthy places in Slovenia has to be the Triglav National Park. The park is the largest in the country and has a lot of beautiful sights to offer—one of them also Slovenia’s highest peak, after which the park is also named. Other places worth visiting are also the Pannonian Plain, the Kočevje forests and Pohorje.


Just a short drive away from our camp you can find The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka, where you can take a walk or visit the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka, where you can learn more about the lakes. Also a seasonal lake, but a bit farther away, is Lake Cerknica, the biggest intermittent lake in all of Europe. While there, you can take a look at the Museum of Lake Cerknica. On your way back you can also visit Rakov Škocjan, a valley and a landscape park. Other natural landmarks include Škocjan caves, the most beautiful caves of Slovenia, the Postojna cave and the Križna cave.


No matter if you wish to take a short walk or a longer hike, you can do both from Camp Plana. If a short walk is your preference, you can take one on the well-taken-care-of trails around the camp. If you desire a longer hike, the choice for you might be the trail to Sv. Trojica church (1106 m altitude), Javorniki (cca. 600—1200 m), Snežnik (1796 m) or Nanos (1,262 m).