At us


In case you wish to stay at camp and not strain yourself too much, you may do so by playing volleyball on our sand volleyball court or basketball on our basketball hoop. Besides that, you can also rent a bicycle and do a bike tour


No matter if you wish to take a short walk or a longer hike, you can do both from Camp Plana. If a short walk is your preference, you can take one on the well-taken-care-of trails around the camp. If you desire a longer hike, the choice for you might be the trail to Sv. Trojica church (1106 m altitude), Javorniki (cca. 600—1200 m), Snežnik (1796 m) or Nanos (1,262 m).


Whether your child wishes to simply play in the sandpit or enjoy their time on the swing, or try themselves on a horse’s back, they can do all that right here at Camp Plana. Our experienced Icelandic horses are sure to make your child’s ride safe and enjoyable, no matter if it is your child’s first time riding or not.